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St Peter In Eastgate Infant School

St Peter In Eastgate Church of England Infant School

Skype Call to Chicago

Year 2 connecting with Kenneth in Chicago

The children in Year 1 and 2 have been in touch via Skype with Kenneth in Chicago to find out how the money they raised in their RE work is going to be used.

The money collected will help the boys and girls in South Sudan.  Unfortunately due to ongoing conflict many of the boys and girls are now forced to sleep underneath the stars because there is a lot of fighting in South Sudan.  People are quarrelling with each other and refusing to say sorry.  

When you sleep outside without any shelter you need blankets and mosquito nets to protect yourself.  Mosquitoes are dangerous insects because they cause sickness.  The money the children raised - $150 will buy 12 mosquito nets. Kenneth is arranging for the mosquito nets, blankets and other first aid equipment to be carried to Juba in South Sudan in a large container.  

The children will trace the journey of the container from Chicago to Juba.This page is currently awaiting content