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St Peter In Eastgate Infant School

St Peter In Eastgate Church of England Infant School

Links with South Sudan

As a school we have strong links with South Sudan Voices of Hope

During Collective Worship the children have been learning about giving and helping others. The children have learnt about giving in the context of the world, such as helping children in Sudan who do not have access to clean water or need help with seed corn which has been lost due to adverse weather or war.

The children year 2 organise fundraising activities to help raise money for South Sudan. 

All money collected is given in person to Kenneth Elisapana, who runs the Christian charity South Sudan Voices of Hope, when Miss Margaret sees him each year.  

Kenneth keeps in touch with the children via Zoom (see Year 2  - Zoom Calls for further information/photos). The children have opportunities each term to find out what is happening in South Sudan and how their money is helping.