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St Peter In Eastgate Infant School

St Peter In Eastgate Church of England Infant School

Governor News

What are the school’s strategic aims and objectives which will be monitored by the governors this year?

These are set out in the School Development Plan for the school year 2021 to 2022 and can be summarised as follows:

  • Objective 1

Leadership and managementAim - All leaders, including governors, are ambitious for all pupils.

To revisit the school vision and values with all stakeholders.

To ensure governors and senior/middle leaders have a full realistic picture of the impact of school improvement priorities using an increased range of monitoring processes to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is taught.

  • Objective 2

Quality of education – Aim - Teaching over time in all year groups is outstanding never less than good.

To ensure quality first teaching is in place and addresses key gaps in learning with targeted intervention to improve combined outcomes in Reading/Writing/Maths.

To ensure a consistent approach to phonics teaching across the whole school.

To ensure all groups of children make sustained progress overtime.

  • Objective 3

Personal development – Aim- All children to feel safe, secure and supported through all aspects of school life.

To ensure the mental health of our pupils and staff is a high priority.

To establish a curriculum that extends beyond academic provision and provides for pupil’s broader development and personal growth.

  • Objective 4

Effectiveness of Early YearsAim- To provide a high quality EYFS curriculum to inspire young minds

To embed the new Early Years curriculum and robust systems for assessing learning in EYFS.


How will we monitor these aims and objectives?

  • Covid concerns continue to overshadow school activities. We have considered how best to monitor the aims and objectives this academic year whilst ensuring school remains a Covid safe environment for children and staff.
  • Individual governors are linked with individual staff members and their Subject Leader areas. Governors monitor the intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum on the children’s learning as follows:
    • Early Years and DT
    • science and art
    • phonics, English, PHSE, RE
    • SEN, history, music and computing
    • maths, geography, PE, collective worship
    • Teaching Assistants (supporting all children, 1-1 roles)