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St Peter In Eastgate Infant School

St Peter In Eastgate Church of England Infant School

Celebrating Special Events

A special visit from the Bishop of Uganda 2016

We have had a wonderful visit from Bishop Johnson of Uganda on Friday 12th february 2016.

The Bishop and his wife took part in our schools collective worship and explained to the children what life was like in Uganda for children.  Christine the Bishop's wife showed the children a number of jobs girls in Uganda had to do before going to school such as sweeping the floors and collecting water for the family to drink and bath in.  Christine demonstrated carrying the water on her head and some children tried this too.  Christine explained to the children that children in Uganda had to walk bear footed to school and this could be sometimes a distance of 10K.  The children were shocked by this. 

Christine also showed the children how they carry their babies on their backs.

Bishop Johnson talked to the children about his job and how important it was.  He also explained to the children that they only have one meal a day and that this is at 3pm each day.  The children asked a number of questions such as:-

Why do you wear purple? The Bishop explained to the children the purple clothing is part of his uniform, just like the Bishop of Lincoln wears.

Is it hot in Uganda? The Bishop explained that it was hot all of the time unlike here where he needs to wear extra layers! It is currenty 37degrees celsius in Uganda.

How old were you when you went to school? I went to school at 9 years old the Bishop explained and became a Bishop when I was 32 years old.

What is the chain round your neck? The Bishop explained his crucifix to the children and one child asked "is it the chain of God"?  The Bishop also explained he wore a ring which was given to him when he became a Bishop.

What does your job involve? Working with people, helping people, supporting people, baptising the young, working with school children and leading worship.

Further information about the Bishop's stay with Mrs Margaret Ford (who carries out the following roles for our school: School Governor, School Volunteer and Bishop's Visitor), can be found on the link highlighted which is the article which appeared in the online version of the Lincolnshire Echo Newspaper.